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With Google Apps teachers and students are able to log on anywhere at anytime. Available with most tablets and mobile instruments, including the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Window phones and those that have browsers. Information is saved automatically onto the Google Cloud Platform. Allowing access to saved documents, calendars, e-mails and websites. Giving students the ability to study whenever and wherever it is convenient for them.

Students and teachers can collaborate more effectively with Google Apps, allowing for dynamic sharing controls. Providing an excellent learning environment with real time editing and document creation tools.

Google Apps SetupGuaranteeing security Google Apps is programmed to keep personal information safe and secure. With the Apps tools the individual is responsible for who they want to share data with. Offering open availability twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Backing up all that is stored in the system on Google servers, in the event of a computer crash or if it should be stolen. The built in robust disaster recovery system protects against any potential threats. With a global network of information centers all over the world, Google Apps security team monitors activity nonstop.

Google Apps save time for both students and teachers by streamlining educational tasks. Such as writing essays and scheduling classes. In doing so it frees up time for teaching and learning in the process. Allowing project websites, documents, files and e-mails to be located conveniently in one area. Giving access to anyone within the University or Institution. Freeing up the users IT departments and updating activities automatically by hitting refresh.

Providing powerful Tools to students that are easy to learn, making them extremely ecstatic. Consumers are able to same money with the free Google Apps for education. Eliminating IT patches by automatically updating and managing everything. Whenever anyone logs onto their Google App it is already updated with the newest technology, which is beneficial for all who use it. Clients are not required to install or download any software and only need to have an internet browser.

For those who are environmentally conscious about the world we live in Google Apps has an energy efficient data center. Using less electricity and carbon in the process. Reducing environmental footprints, unnecessary printing and travel costs. Their data centers are one of the most environmentally friendly around, since becoming carbon neutral.

With all of the benefits that come from using Google Educational Apps, one can see that it is well worth looking into.